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Hi! I am currently majoring in Biology at Concordia University. As a Local Initiatives Officer, my goal is to make volunteering opportunities more accessible to all students and to encourage everyone to volunteer with the aim of contributing to the community of Montreal. I am eager to meet you all!




Hello everyone! I am currently doing an undergraduate in Biology and I am very excited to be this year’s Co-President of MEDLIFE Concordia! Personally, I support MEDLIFE because I have seen how this organization changes the world by raising awareness and taking action regarding Medicine, Education, and Development in Low-Income Families that live in developing countries. My main goal this year is to expand and spread the movement at Concordia through the means of local volunteering, international volunteering, educational MEDTalks and diversified fundraising activities. I can’t wait to meet you all and share this experience with a passionated community of students who desire to make a difference in the world!

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Al Halabi

Hi everyone ! I am starting my third year in cellular and molecular biology specialization. This is my third semester as the Treasurer. My main goal this semester is for MEDLIFE Concordia is for it to show our future sponsors how much impact MEDLIFE has on our local community and around the world. I believe that our mission will attract the attention of people around the world, and we are going to make MEDLIFE reach every family and person in need.


Service Learning Trip Officer

Hey guys! I am currently in my third year of studies at Concordia University majoring in Biochemistry. My main goal is to change the world by bringing peace, joy and love, as well as new ideas that will have a huge impact on people’s lives. I cannot wait to fulfill my position as Vice-President of Service Learning Trips while helping communities locally and abroad. I am very excited to meet students sharing the same vision as me, students who are bold enough to talk about things that truly matter shamelessly and unapologetically. I am also looking forward for the upcoming year to raise even more awareness than last year regarding Medicine, Education, and Development in Low-Income Families that live in developing countries, which is the goal of the global organization MEDLIFE. As Martin Luther King said, “We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now.”

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Head of Social Media


Community Fundraising Officer

Hello! I am currently a second-year Honours Behavioural Neuroscience student at Concordia University. Being a part of the MEDLIFE team is truly a pleasure. I joined this chapter as soon as I started my first year because of how meaningful this cause is to me as well as how eager I was to take part in helping communities in need. As Fundraising Officer, I’d like to dedicate my time towards finding meaningful and effective ways to raise funds for the cause. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing you all at our fundraising events!

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Community Fundraising Officer

Hi! I am currently majoring in Biology and a Fundraising officer for MEDLIFE Concordia. Fundraising supports many of our initiatives, each year brings new ideas in ways to make a difference. Joining this team allows me to give more to local and global communities. MEDLIFE continuously helps people in need and being a part of that is always rewarding. I hope to see MEDLIFE Concordia grow along with the impact we make.

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Community Fundraising Officer

Hi everyone! I am currently doing my undergraduate degree in biology. I am very delighted to be one of the fundraising Officers. I joined MEDLIFE after volunteering in a couple of food for all back in my first semester. This experience touched me deeply, which made me interested in MEDLIFE and what it stands for. The more I learned about its humanitarian goals that are coming out of pure hearts and people wanting to genuinely make the world a better place, the more I fell in love with this organization and made me decide to be part of it. My main focus as a fundraising officer is to hold as many successful fundraisers that will help improve the life quality of the low-income families everywhere.

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Community Engagement Officer

Hello!! I am currently studying Psychology at Concordia University. Being a part of the MedLife family as the Community Engagement Officer I was given the opportunity to connect, work and collaborate with a range of amazing experts and volunteers to achieve our mutual goals. We organize various educational and fun events to educate and raise money for the low income families locally, abroad and online. I invite you all to join our team. It’s an epic experience filled with warmth and growth.

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Shehzadhi Habib

Community Engagement Officer

Hi everyone! I am one of the Community Engagement Officers at MedLife Concordia. I am currently doing my Specialisation in Biology and just stepped into my fourth year of Undergrad. I joined MedLife last year and the one thing that drew me towards this group was their determination towards not only serving the low income communities in Montreal, but extending a helping hand to such groups world wide. As a Community Engagement Officer, my primary task is to plan and execute various types of events that aid in informing the Concordia community about our causes and bring bridge the gap between interested Concordians and MedLife, and I cannot wait to step into action with my fellow Exec Members and volunteers this semester!

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Community Engagement Officer

Hi everyone! I am currently completing my second year in the Bachelors of Biology. This is my second year being the Community Engagement Officer and it has been an amazing experience so far! Although this semester is online, I look forward to being apart of MEDLIFE Concordias online movement. We are still a strong team who will continue to raise awareness and fundraise for those who need it most.

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Local Initiative Officer

Hello everyone! I am currently a fourth year Honours Behavioural Neuroscience student and a Local Initiative Officer here at MEDLIFE. My main goal in joining MEDLIFE is to assist communities by volunteering my time and resources and inspiring others to do the same! MEDLIFE brings people from all backgrounds to complete the common goal of helping our local community which is a mission I am proud to be a part of.



Local Initiative Officer

Hey Everyone! I am a third year student majoring in biochemistry and I am a Local Initiative Officer at MEDLIFE. My main goal in joining MEDLIFE is to give back to the community by volunteering. I am glad to be a part of MEDLIFE, as it gives me the opportunity to get to know many amazing people from different cultures and backgrounds all trying to help their community.



Local Initiative Officer