Past Fundraisers

In the past, we have attempted numerous projects to raise funds and awareness to support the MEDLIFE mission. Whether it’s the monthly Krispy Kreme sales on campus, bake sales with home-baked goods and also from our contributing sponsors (Second Cup, GPCA, KrispyKreme), or party-themed events such as MEDLIFE March Madness (MMM), our team wishes to spend countless hours to ensure that we provide the Concordia community numerous avenues to learn our mission and to join us in it. Our goal is to engage all the current and potential members of MEDLIFE Concordia. We are always open to suggestions of potential fundraisers that the community wishes to see MEDLIFE Concordia be a part of.

Through these fundraisers, we have been able to gradually raise increasing amounts to contribute to those in need. As the events and fundraisers begin to accumulate, our hope is that we are able to contribute large sums to MEDLIFE’s global mission and ensure that we are taking large strides in accomplishing our goals.