Our Mission and Vision

“Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much” – Helen Keller


MEDLIFE: Medicine, Education, and Development For Low-Income Families
As an international organization, we represent more than an attempt to implement change. As a Chapter, we are bigger than a localized university group. As individuals, we are more than just students. As MEDLIFE’ers , we are groups of individuals spread throughout North America that hope to together innovate and be part of the solution regarding the fundamental issue that plagues the world: POVERTY.
Through our collective efforts, MEDLIFE Concordia and other collaborating chapters, are determined to use sheer determination and exuberant passion to implement change and raise awareness of the inadequacies that countless families live through, around the world. These include the inability to receive proper health care, necessities vital to disease prevention and adequate hygiene, clean water and food supply, the education necessary not only for self-support but also for growth, shelter or minimal electric supply and much more.
We hope to use this platform to introduce, educate, and raise awareness of the change MEDLIFE and its many chapters hope to introduce day by day. Join us in our mission by first exploring and getting a glimpse of who we are, what we have done, and what we hope to do.

Overview of our impact:

MEDLIFE has been working relentlessly to implement change around the world for years. Whether its to spread awareness or to head directly into the communities in need, MEDLIFE has walked the path to achieving its goals. MEDLIFE Concordia’s goals range from those affecting individuals locally and also those concerning underprivileged communities abroad. The MEDLIFE Concordia team has taken the initiative to grow roots in the communities of Montreal and to help in any way that the team finds fitting. The aim is to ensure that the team’s overall objectives stem from local community involvement and then spread to families across the world that are in need.