Cusco, Peru Summer 2018

Our journey to Cusco, Peru during May 5-13, 2018, was a remarkable one. Partnering with local philanthropists and health specialists our very first SLT was indeed just as expected. With a total of eight members from our chapter attending, along with volunteers from MEDLIFE FSU, McGill, McMaster, Queen’s, Pittsburgh, USF, Toronto, and UWaterloo, we were able to make a large collective impact on various communities at Cusco. With the guidance of leaders from all across North America, each individual from our chapter returned with invaluable experiences. 

Together, we were able to provide medical care and benefit the communities of Chacan, Compone, Pampasaya and Apv Cruz Verde.  Also, we were able to carry out our “Healthy Homes” Project in the community of Secsencalla, benefiting four families: Mrs. Aurelia, Mrs. Jesusa, Mrs. Susana and Mrs. Zenovia. This project focused on kitchen renovation, but also on implementing sustainable bedroom furniture. In addition to the week long service we were able to provide to our hosts, many participants enjoyed the last day of the trip by visiting the infamous wonder of the world, Machu Picchi.

“One of the best parts of my Service Learning Trip to Cusco is that now I get to reflect upon it. This trip was absolutely fulfilling. Heading to a developing country, having been born in one, I was aware of the unfortunate realities these people have to face as a lifestyle. This journey provided me with greater assurance that there are indeed other places around the world in need of support and guidance. The greatest relief is that there is an organization out there filled with amazing global citizens willing to help these underserved people. Everything about this trip was perfect, from the length, the accommodation by our hosts, and the service we provided to reciprocate this welcoming. MEDLIFE showed me how enjoyable it can be to implement positive change onto others because nothing was more satisfying than the smiles I witnessed on ill patients after treating them.” Saad’s experience from the trip.

“In the first week of May, I had the opportunity to visit Peru. Despite the country not being anywhere in my “Need to Visit Countries” list, that country took me by surprise. From Machu Picchu to the person selling roasted guinea pig, the country and its culture was simply beautiful. Most importantly, I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people who came on the MEDLIFE mission trip. Together, we experienced   the amazing opportunity of helping families in Cusco, Peru by proving them in aspects of medical, education and developmental assistance. I am so grateful to MEDLIFE for this eye-opening experience of helping people in low income communities.” Damien’s experience from the trip.

Here are some photos from the trip: