Apply for a Trip

A Service Learning Trip serves two primary goals. First, the SLT provide the resources to hire doctors, nurses, community organizers, engineers and architects needed to help the community as well as the supplies like medicine, educational materials, cement, busses, food, etc., to actually make it happen.

These resources allow us to screen for diseases, provide education and purchase building materials. Second, and no less important, the SLT provides an opportunity for you, the student movement, to see firsthand the harsh realities of extreme poverty and the challenges it brings. As mentioned earlier, our patient’s and communities can’t tell their own stories. By being exposed to their realities, you gain the understanding, as well as the responsibility, to tell their stories.

Each trip involves at least 5 working days and varying number of non-working days, with volunteers distributed into groups of teams. The goal of each team is to follow the professional in charge in performing assigned tasks for each group. These tasks include but are not limited to: distributing toothbrushes and teaching incoming children to maintain proper oral hygiene, educating incoming patients with local translator to ensure disease preventative methods are implemented by them, aiding pharmacists to sort and distribute medications, shadow and understand key diagnoses of each patient that a physician is providing care to, and assisting dental procedures. During off-days, there are activities, sightseeing adventures, and extravagant restaurants that can be taken advantage of. Each day’s breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided by MEDLIFE. Security on trip days is ensured by MEDLIFE along with transportation from and to the airport.

If you are interesting in applying for a SLT for the upcoming year please contact us.

Upcoming Trip

MEDLIFE Concordia will be sending volunteers to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania from May 4-12 for a Service Learning Trip. Volunteers will visit impoverished communities of Kilimanjaro and directly see and experience the impact of the services that MEDLIFE provides to those in need.

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